Best and Worst Internet Browser for Win10

Upgrading to Windows 10? If the answer is yes, you might be wondering which browser to choose. Your decision could significantly affect both your browsing speed and quality. In order to help you, we’ve compared all the major browsers to find the best and the worst choices for Windows 10!

The best internet browser for Windows 10

Tests have been carried out on all the major browsers – Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Edge and Internet Explorer. There were five tests in total, and they checked everything from speed to reliability. Out of those five tests, Chrome won three, which makes it the best internet browser by far. Apart from being fast, Chrome rarely crashes and has the fewest bugs. If you want both speed and reliability, we suggest you pick Chrome for your browser. There aren’t very many users who can find any problem with it, so chances are you’ll love it, too.

The middle ground

Before we turn to the worst internet browser, we need to mention the three that scored somewhere in the middle. They weren’t the best, but they weren’t as bad as the worst either. These three are Firefox, Opera and Edge. If it interests you, only one of them has won any of the abovementioned tests, and that’s Edge. Unfortunately, it also had the lowest score on another test. This is why we believe the best out of these three are the other two – Firefox and Opera. They haven’t excelled at any of the tests, but they also don’t have a single worst result. And now you’ve probably already guessed which browser is the worst.

The worst internet browser for Windows 10

The absolute worst is, of course, Internet Explorer. Out of five tests, it scored the lowest on four of them, which is far worse than any other browser. This basically means that, whatever you choose, you’ll have made the right decision as long as it’s not Internet Explorer.

So choosing the best internet browser for your Windows 10 is really not that hard – simply rank them in the following order: Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge and Internet Explorer!