Younger People Leave Facebook for Instagram

Nowadays you’ll have a hard time finding someone who’s never heard of Facebook. You’ll even struggle looking for someone who doesn’t already have a Facebook account. This is why we kind of took it for granted that the younger generations will follow in our footsteps. But it seems we were wrong, since many young people are leaving our beloved Facebook for either Instagram or Snapchat or both!

What’s this based on? Well, people have actually started conducting research. After all, Facebook is a huge company and it wishes to stay big. EMarketer has already published their share of the results. According to them, there will be 14.5 million young people using Facebook during 2017. Although this might not seem alarming, it will be a 3.4% decline compared to last year’s numbers.

Before we say anything else, let us make it clear – by young people, we mean children ages 12 to 17. When their level of engagement on Facebook is analyzed, we are forced to come to the conclusion that they just aren’t that interested. They rarely log in and even when they do, they spend very little time browsing their newsfeed. There’s also a whole new group of people – children who aren’t getting in contact with Facebook at all!

Meanwhile, Instagram and Snapchat are becoming more and more popular. Experts predict that young adults will be using Snapchat 20% more often than last year. The numbers for Instagram are somewhat lower, but an 8.8% increase in usage will happen nevertheless.

Why is this happening? What makes Instagram and Snapchat more appealing to younger people? Some speculate that it’s all about the domination of the visual content, while others believe the explanation is a lot more complicated.

Whatever the reason for younger people leaving Facebook, the fact remains that it’s happening and that the company should start doing something to convince them to stay. And the solution shouldn’t be as simple as buying Instagram, which was the most recent thing they did. They’re going to need to come up with a more efficient method if they don’t want to become Instagram.