VAR: All You Need to Know

Have an opinion on the VAR issue? It has been the center of heated debate for a while now, but things have really escalated during this season’s Confederations Cup. What exactly happened and how did it reflect on the debate about the VAR system?

First of all, let us explain what the VAR system is. It stands for the Video Assistant Referee system, a new way of dealing with harder decisions that need to be made during football matches. It’s basically an assistant that reviews video footage and relays important information to the head referee via a headset.

The VAR system was used during the Confederations Cup, but instead of proving to be of help to the head referee, it only made things worse. For instance, the system failed in red carding Gonzalo Jara for elbowing Timo Werner in the match eventually won by Germany. Although this wasn’t the first time referees made a mistake because they relied on the VAR system, it seems that it was the final straw in the debate on the usefulness of the system itself.

There are still people who support the use of the VAR system in deciding issues that arise during football matches. One of them is FIFA’s own supremo Gianni Infantino, a man who has repeatedly spoken in support of it, even claiming he will do his best to implement it at the next World Cup. Chris Foy believes the system takes a lot of stress off referees and speaks of this as a huge advantage. Although this might be true, there is now a large number of people who openly oppose using the VAR system.

Alan Shearer, a former English football player, is one of those who believe the VAR system has more downsides than upsides. He has recently tweeted that the system was s**t, making it really hard for people to misunderstand his true feelings.

All in all, the current situation is one of heavy disagreement, but it seems that soon enough there’ll be more people opposing the use of the VAR system than those who are in favor of it!